William Scott - Reconstructions

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"Superbly researched, revealing previously unknown information. Every aspect of the battle is explained with compelling conviction, bringing new light to a glorious moment in Scottish history."
~ David Torrie, Editor

"On a par with The Decipherment of Linear B by Michael Ventris which confounded the establishment of his time. In his 3rd book on this, Mr Scott has refined and amplified his arguments, put up a conclusive case and thoroughly exposed the shortcomings of the academic history community."
~ Tom McCallum, Classicist

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© Elenkus: The Bannockburn Year

"A triumph...you come across as an Historian, Scientist, Geographer, Hydrologer, and also as a first class strategic and tactical commander, able to appreciate ground and leadership in impeccable detail. Your meticulous sifting of the evidence is breathtaking...the detail of the battle is masterly."
~ Col Bruce Niven, MA (1st Class Hons Geography), MBE, ex Chief of Staff, SAS

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© Elenkus: A Bute Crucifixion

The Bute Witches is a new kind of book. It contains a novel: a reconstruction of the trials and execution of 6 witches in Bute in the mid 17th century, closely based on the history, all the documents for which are printed within the book. But it is far more than this. The reasons for the witch hunt in Bute are made clear, a very original development. Up to now, no one has ever explained the Scottish witch trials. In all, 3,000 to 4,000 witches are believed to have been executed in Scotland, by far the majority in a single year: 1662. Why is this?

© Elenkus: Honour Killing in Argyll & Bute