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Publication date: 2000
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© Elenkus: Bannockburn-Revealedd
© Elenkus ~ Bannockburn Revealed (has all the sources)

Bannockburn Proved

"You should get a doctorate from every university in Scotland for this."
~ Irvine Smith, Advocate, Sheriff and Historian.

"William Scott brings to this sequel to his previous book, 'Bannockburn Revealed', ... his further reasoned consideration of the subject, attacked with the thoroughness and cold logic one would associate with a consummate mathematician.

As a classical scholar and student of Ancient History I particularly appreciate his evaluation of evidence, sifting the dross from the gold.

He has challenged the historical establishment and in so doing has ruffled many a feather. I would put him on par with the young Michael Ventris whose work on the decipherment of Linear B confounded the Classical establishment of his time.

Hopefully, William Scott will in the end gain the same acceptance."
~ ITom McCallum, M.A..Hons )Classics) St Andrews.

Publication date: 2005

Out of print: libraries only

© Elenkus: Bannockburn proved
© Elenkus ~ Bannockburn Proved (half a dozen proofs of different styles)

The Genius of Bannockburn

"The book is certainly a tour de force, and by far the most intelligent and comprehensive account of the battle ever written."
~ Roger Graham, Editor

"William Scott has indisputably solved what happened at Bannockburn and, more importantly how. His proofs are exhaustive, detailed and correct. No one else has come close. This is the definitive work on the subject. Historians who refuse to recognise his work remind me of the Flat Earth Society. Proofs are proofs, pure and simple."
~ Rev J. Stein, Minister, Theologian Publisher

"A masterpiece of research, two decades of meticulous scientific investigation of each inch of the battle area, all the maps and all the written sources."
~ Donald Morrison, Teacher and expert on the battle

"Superbly researched, revealing previously unknown information. Every aspect of the battle is explained with compelling conviction, bringing new light to a glorious moment in Scottish history."
~ David Torrie, Editor

"On a par with the decipherment of Linear B by Michael Ventris which confounded the establishment of his time. In his 3rd book on this, Mr Scott has refined and amplified his arguments, put up a conclusive case and thoroughly exposed the shortcomings of the academic history community."
~ Tom MaCallum, Classicist

"In my opinion, this research settles the site of the battle."
~ Irvine Smith QC, Advocate, Sheriff, Historian.

Publication date: 2012
£25 + Postage Rate

£25 + Postage Rate

© Elenkus: The Genius of Bannockburn
© Elenkus ~ The Genius of Bannockburn