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The word 'elenchus' refers to logical argument. The most famous practitioner of elenchus was Socrates, the Greek philosopher who sought to reveal the truth by questioning the arguments of the so called 'great men' of his time. Hence the publishing imprint: ELENKUS. It is apt, because most of the publications are concerned with discovering the solution of difficult problems.

William Scott taught Mathematics (as well as philosophy) for many years, heading departments in several colleges. He served on the Scottish Mathematical Council, published numerous articles and papers and reviewed books for the Mathematical Gazette.
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History Books

• "William Scott has indisputably solved what happened at Bannockburn"
~ Roger Graham, Editor
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• "I found Mr Scott's account quite fascinating"
~ Partick Cadell, Historian, former Keeper of the Records of Scotland
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• This book gives several levels of proof of the central questions about the battle: where it took place and how the victory was achieved. The battle was fought in the Carse because the English camped there among the pools with their cavalry in front in the best place to foxhunt the rebels in the morning ... read more

• To save Scottish lives, Bruce took his men very close and set his pikes. The English were too unprepared to do anything to stop him. There was no space for the cavalry to get up speed and they were easily halted ... read more

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• Barbour [1375]: They [The English] camped that night down in the Carse and cleaned and made ready their equipment for the battle in the morning ... read more

• This Carse is unique in regularly having many pools of water. 34 have been counted at one time, some 100 yards long and a yard deep ... read more

On that day occurred the encounter in the Pools, and Gilbert the Younger, earl of Clare, and many of the men of England besides, were slain by the Scots ... read more

• Scalacronica: [The Scots] at sunrise on the morrow marched out of the wood in three divisions of infantry. They directed their course boldly upon the English army
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• "Superbly researched, revealing previously unknown information. Every aspect of the battle is explained with compelling conviction, bringing new light to a glorious moment in Scottish history."
~ David Torrie, Editor
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• "A triumph...you come across as an Historian, Scientist, Geographer, Hydrologer, and also as a first class strategic and tactical commander, able to appreciate ground and leadership in impeccable detail. "
~ Col Bruce Niven, MA (1st Class Hons Geography), MBE, ex Chief of Staff, SAS
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• "The Bute Witches is a new kind of book. It contains a novel: a reconstruction of the trials and execution of 6 witches in Bute in the mid 17th century, closely based on the history, all the documents for which are printed within the book. "
~ fascinating, anomalous
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• "This is one of the best novels I have ever read. Don't be put off by the title or slightly odd cover, this is a beautifully told story. Funny, incredibly sad, with passages of amazing depth."
~ Dr Ray Walker, Bearsden ... read more

• " ... a brilliant storyteller ... I shall expect to see your name writ large hereafter."
~ Nigel Tranter ... read more

• Two world class problems are solved within this novel. The problem of the suicide bomber: what would you say to divert him from blowing up himself and others?
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Topics William Scott will give lectures on:

• The Battle of Bannockburn: the site, the tactics and the moment by moment events over the two days. Powerpoint versions of the battle maps can be shown. The making of the maps explained. ...
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• The Bute Witches: the cause of the witch hunt in Bute, the details of the people accused, the accusers, the names of those burnt and their prosecutors. What caused the witch hunt? ...
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• General William Roy and his maps: these maps are brilliant. The author will explain why with reference to his extensive studies of them, of other maps and the ground they refer to, one aspect academics are notoriously ignorant of, because of lack of energy and time for close investigation. ...
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